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Verizon corporate headquarters address, mailing address, postal and physical office address, customer service telephone contact number, email address.Verizon Wireless Corporate Office & Verizon Wireless Headquarters reviews, corporate phone number and address.I debated the issue for 30 minutes and got no satisfaction from a supervisor who then would not even give me someone else to talk to or give me an option to escalate to the next level.Makes me wonder if you all send us or get from store refurbished phones making us think they are brand new.I will honor my contract with Verizon because that it the person that I am but that will be the last of my money that Verizon will see.

The supervisors name was Robin and the reps name was tiffany and it was the virginia call center.

My wife wanted me to use a bundle with Comcast but I wanted to have Verizon phones.Is there someone that really want to know about the terrible service, lies and deceptions that we are getting from one of your non corporate store in the San Antonio, Texas are.Cellco Partnership Corporate Office Headquarters dba Verizon Wireless 1 Verizon Way Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-559-5490.When you call in, the automated system repeatly asked for the same account number information which you then repeat to the REAL customer service representative.I wonder if I broke things in my customers house and never fixed it after promises if they would ever allow me in their home again.All citizens should band together against these crime bosses via their elected representatives, assuming there are some honest ones still around.I wrote to Chairman Ivan Seidenbburg and the Vice President of Engineering on June 20th.It is a sad day when a company drops so low as to illegal mislead people.NOW- you are hiring scabs to do the work of the people who have been working so hard for the company.

I was excited that FIOS was going to become available where I live.If you have been wrongly charged or have not received anything that you should have you should contact them too.Had to edit this letter down to fit in blog although gets the point across.But this will result in loss of potential income to Verizon over the next several years.When I purchased my 4G broadband modem mid-2011, I was promised that I would have 4G no later than December 2011.Never in my life have I been treated so poorly when speaking with customer service.Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters. Verizon Wireless,. Contact. DSI Corporate Office. 20 North Clark Street Suite 2550.

BUYER BEWARE I was ready to sign up with Verizon home broadband wireless broadband service, but will not until I can get a printed copy of their options, costs, contract and terms of use.I too have an ongoing problem with Verizon that no one seems to care about.

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I explained that had I known in advance that my bill would be so high I would not have got new phones.When something like this happens, it takes forever for me to catch up.I wonder who the idiot was who came up with this stupid number system.Get here the fastest Verizon Customer Service Phone Number to reach the customer. Corporate Office Headquarters. Verizon FIOS Phone number for Internet and.I go back to the Verizon location to call again and then they give me a date of December 2nd.They had me on the phone for 2.5 hrs thurs. 2-2-12, then went into a Las Vegas store and nothing was done like they said it would be on the phone and no notes could be seen inside the store. then called back for 2.5 hours friday 2-3-12. and 6.5hours sat. 2-4-12. What is wrong with these people.

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This was after I gave Verizon everything they ask for including my bank checking statement, driver license, etc.

I had purchased my first ever droid phone and within six weeks, the screen went bad and I could see nothing.They claim it is not available, even though someone sitting 25 feet away, in my office, has it.

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The price value for the phone is for a NEW phone not an already USED phone.Went back to the Verizon location to call again about the appointment on the 22nd.I plan to send a letter of complaint to Verizon and I hope others will do the same thing.I was unable to talk and the manager was yelling at me and kept interrupting me.I might even get a smart phone with unlimited internet from them its just slightly over my 300 minute plan with 500 text messages.I was with Verizon for 7 years and left them for ATT and went back to them only to find that they are rude, nasty and have a whatever attitude.

I am a retiree and can not afford the fees that keep going up each month.Explore Verizon's full selection small and medium business solutions including FiOS, high speed internet, phone, and TV service.I have been forced to stay extra hours, work Saturday and Sunday just to make up for the downtime we have experienced.On the other hand we have found that if you go to a kiosk in Costco the reverse.Now I cancled my plan December 12th nd still have not received anything.1,130 Verizon Corporate jobs available on Help Desk Analyst, Barista, Inventory Associate and more!.Where can I get the phone numbers for the main office for Verizon, not customer service.?. and corporate headquarters. The phone number to Verizon.Agent Noel has joined. (15:38:24) Noel(15:38:24): Hi, this is Noel.I will see what happens in 48hours, which is how long the manager that I did talk to the next day said that it will take to investigate this issue.

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