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Article above is the best one on the Dinar I have read and is exactly what I would write.At any rate I posted to join in on a discussion I found interesting.When the info of both old and new currency being used during a 2 to 3 years depending on when the start. that is coin. a whole lot of coin to me, and still better then wall street.What will eventually happen is that Iraq will lop zeroes off its currency and introduce a new dinar, trading at close to a 1:1 ratio to the dollar.I would like to say, that everyone that has hoped for a better life, that little something to help someone else or that needed medical procedure that could save or improve the life of a loved one is not the desires of a lazy workless, greedy person.

Name one Californian who would pay more than a dollar for a dollar.These companies have names like Dinar Index, Sterling Currency Group, Bet on Iraq and Treasury Vault.But for a small investment of holding some of the currency i am not going to sit on the sideline.But why do people become unraveled at how others spend THEIR hard-earned cash.

When there is high inflation or hyperinflation you get your paycheck and have to hurry to purchase goods before the value of your currency goes down.For investing, however, I feel global currencies are a fantastic investment for preserving wealth.

Iraq has seen in the last ten years a rise in production and exports of oil At a time when the value of the dinar has seen remarkable stability without high mentions in purchasing power.Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December.But, we have to money so the G-20 has come up with a way to save the world and this is it.

When playing the lottery people will put in a dollar for the chance to win an astronomical return of millions of dollars.A 3 year old truth trumps a 1-week old lie (no matter how many times you repeat it).NY Times article from 1991 reporting the revaluation of the Kuwaiti dinar.By the way, a currency being strong or weak against the dollar or any other currency is not an indication of the strength of the economy or the outlook for the economy in the future.I would also point out that all investments have risk and buying the currency of a wartorn country is especially very risky.Good investing involves not only talking about opportunities but the risks as well.Once the government of Iraq resolves the differences, then the hydrocarbon sector will give an opportunity to grow in the northern part of Iraq.Does it make sense to invest one thousand dollars and walk away with thirty million, or even one million.Most major news sources will show that Iraq is one of the most unstable countries in the world, making any type of investment incredibly risky.

At some point, Iraq will either take back control of its territory or split into three countries.After these zeros are dropped off would the fruit vendor suddenly accept 10 dinars for an orange.Dude, if you check current exchange rates, one US dollar is worth 1,173 Iraqi dinar.The giant investors are waiting for few clearances like the fuel supply.I also see the valid arguement against the probability of this currency moving upward.It shows the ignorance of people who do not know about investments and foreign currencies.

That same cousin of mine (who is now 44 years old) is the nephew of a retired tax attorney (my dad).There has been a consistent growth in the production of electricity by the power stations in Iraq.Our own government took down the towers and anyone with eyes and a brain that works KNOW that.nuff said.The first time I read about buying Iraqi Dinars several years ago two to three hundred dollars bought one million dinars.If you read blogs and fell for the rumors these people spread, the fault lies with the liar who made up the speculation and the person who believed it, despite mountains of evidence that there were no secret inside sources.Recent Comments Noah Dillon on Do Anecdotes Have A Place In Science.The social development and the economic development of Iraq majorly depend upon how Iraq manages the revenue fetched from the oil and the potential hydrocarbon available in Iraq.Would it be beyond imagination that the uncapping of the Dinar might move 30% up or down.The link would not copy and paste, so go on Dinar Observer and click on the December 30 Conference Call.

An intelligent investor knows when the value is extremely low is the best time to buy.At the same time many expect to see the IQD revalued at or near its former position.On the contrary, some people are of the opinion that the Iraqi Dinar could undergo a further devaluation after the economic sanctions against Iraq are lifted, and that the Dinar could even be replaced by a new currency, which could still be exchanged for dollars.It just helps people who are willing to keep an open mind to save themselves some money.Thank you Mike for the article, it was well written and an eye opener.Russia and Brazil are about to take over the world, for sure. Watch out.

Can someone help me out here? I remember reading back a ways that Ali at Dinar Trade was going to be setting up additional locations to cashin after the RV.

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