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If it is a victory, then why are you out of Kargil and hiding behind in the top hills point 5353.

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An Indian officer told in an interview (Video at the end of this page) that normally the ratio between the attacking force and the defending force is 3:1 but due to the high altitude of the battleground Indian Army Chief increased it to 15:1 but yet they were unable to capture the positions occupied by Pakistani troops.The main sanctions, as with much of banking, are reputational.At best it can be termed as an incursion over the LOC which is not an uncommon event from both sides.This was no violation from Pakistan but a reply at a suitable time.Lahore ko bachaana mushkil ho gaya tha ya tumhari coward army ko Lahore say bhaagna mushkil ho gaya tha.

We need to be realistic in our thinking and approach to develop as a progressive nation.All I can say and see is that Pak is spiraling down economically and it will be ruined sooner than later.India needs to learn to respect smaller neighbours if she expects reciprocation and Pakistan Army remains a stumbling block in its expansionist designs.But brave Indian Army did not give up and drove the pakistanis out of Kargil.The reason you want a local confirming bank is that they will guarantee payment if something goes wrong.Gali dena habit hai Indians ki, haqeeqat say waasta nahi, srif 5000 mujahid Kashmir mein hain woh tumhari army say samhaltay nahi unn kay khouf say Indain army kay buzdil jawaan khudkushi kartay hain ya phir apnay baray rank kay afsar ko maar detay hain. 750000, atni bari tadaat aur yeh morale.China Denies Incursions; Dodges Reports of PLA. spotted at forward posts along the Line of Control. China in the past maintained that the corridor.

Its military might is better than India but not a single bullet has been fired to gain this respect.What to talk of inter services synergy, there was no coordination even within military tiers.I have read Quran and Hadith, nowhere it is mentioned that Allah is always on the side of Pakistan.Pakistani troops did not cross the International Borders at any stage of the conflict.As an afterthought to an exchange of interesting comments with my Indian counterpart, I went on facts finding that underpins the vanity and arrogance that exists across our friendly border.First, in the hindsight, it is easy to debate the decisions in the light of consequences.You were fighting from the top of the hills and India fighting at bottom of the hills.India occupied Siachen in 1984 )Operation Meghadoot) fearing Pakistan may claim Siachen by granting permissions to Expeditions.Pakistanis may feel that Indians fear from war and writing this but it is not the case.

Look at how Indian media, establishment and lobby wail to the whole world to further their cause.Salwaar kamej pehan tay tumhari brave soldiers jo khusray aur ladies dalti hai.Beta abhi takk tumara punjabi, haryani aur rajput hindhus kay sath paala nahi parra.

WDS are the leading stockists of industrial standard and machine parts including quality stainless steel hinges, castors & wheels, gas struts & work holding equipment.Pak Plan intercepted, Executed Outfit arrangements,captured points operation completed.

We will be discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there.My investigation began assessing where China and India stood on growth rate, annual gdp, foreign exchange reserves, defense and their dream on becoming the strongest regional power. Wild China: Wild China, BBC Video: Movies & TV Interesting. I have traveled all over China and this documentary shows the land as it truly is.These things can be discussed indoor only as disputes are not yet settled with our neighbour.Kargil was a panga taken by a economically weak country with a much larger and stronger country.Search millions of videos from across the web.America and island China:a documentary history by Stephen P. Gibert available in Hardcover on, also read synopsis and reviews.He needs to be reminded also of the over dozen insurgencies in India and the havoc being caused by them.

China stood out as a comparable country and I went about investigating the differences between the two.Please follow and like us: Share this: Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn Email Pinterest.Tags: China Letter of Credit, Letters of Credit, Selling product to China.All are answerable to their conscious, nation and Allah Almighty.Letter of Credit L/c Documentry Collection Export Import. Letter of Credit L/c also known as Documentary Credit is a widely used term to make payment secure.Unlike Generals in your land who promote themselves to Field Marshall despite not have fired even a round in anger.Indian aircraft violated Pakistani air space but they never admitted it openly.Koi identity nahi hai tumahri tumhari problem identity crisis hai.

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It isn’t easy, running China, with its 1.3 billion people and 56 officially recognized ethnic nationalities. It’s a vast mix of languages, living.In this documentary, the members of the University of British Columbia's Thunderbirds hockey team travel to China to demonstrate their skills to the new teams in the.letter of credit fees in a variety of ways. For example, the buyer could absorb all fees both on its end as well as on the beneficiary’s side.Our aim is to assist businesses already in China or planning to go into China, not to break new ground in legal theory or policy.Kargil War: Kargil Conflict, an armed skirmish between Pakistan and India, was fought from May to July 1999 in Kargil and along the Line of Control.

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